[OSGeo-Discuss] Usage of 'FOSS4G' in webpages?

Andy Turner A.G.D.Turner at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Oct 15 03:14:49 PDT 2010

There is use of a the term Geospatial Free and Open Source Software (GFOSS):


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  Yes, I agree with Chris.
And "OSGeo Software" is also a loaded, but ambiguous term - probably 
meaning Software which has been incubated in OSGeo, but sometimes also 
meaning any Open Source GeoSpatial Software.

I'm afraid the best term I've been able to use is "GeoSpatial Open 
Source Software" or "GeoSpatial Open Source Applications". Pity it takes 
so many words to say it.

On 15/10/2010 10:24 AM, Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 10:19:33AM +1100, Simon Cropper wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can someone please explain if the FOSS4G acronym can be used to identify 'free
>> and open source geographical information systems/tools used to view, edit,
>> manipulate and map geospatial data' and whether I can use it to help
>> define/name some educational material I am creating?
>> Something along the line of 'FOSS4G Handbook' or 'FOSS4G Guide'; or is the
>> FOSS4G acronym now to intrinsically linked to OSGeo?
> Socially speaking, I think that to anyone in the OSGeo community, it's
> not only linked to "OSGeo", but actually to the conference itself;
> a "FOSS4G Guide" would be a conference guide to me, not a software
> guide.
> I don't have technical information on trademark, etc. but I think that
> it is really unlikely that using the term "FOSS4G" in the OSGeo space
> would have the effect you're hoping for.
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