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  I hire geospatial software developers, and one of the best resumes 
I've seen was from Volker Mische http://vmx.cx/
He hadn't finished University when he applied for a job with me, but he 
resume included not just a series of Open Source technologies that he 
had played with, but also lists of issues that he had found in these 
technologies, and links back to the bug fixes he had put in place.

This demonstrated that he wrote software because he loved to do so, and 
consequently had a breath of knowledge well beyond his years. (This was 
later confirmed when he joined us)

If you are a graduate, thinking about moving into a job - having Open 
Source credentials helps (at least it helps if you are looking for a job 
at LISAsoft).

On 27/10/2010 8:35 AM, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> I just read part two of this Q&A article, which also has some bearing on this audience:
>> Q: Most of the jobs I've seen require 3-5 years of GIS work experience to apply. How do I get those first 3-5 years?
>> A: Direct contact with potential employers and internship opportunities.
> Hey, kids: hanging out in the open source ecosystem is also a great way to get experience!
> I would love to see new college grad resumes that list a whole bunch of classes BUT also include lines like "the X project website contains two tutorials I wrote" or "submitted a patch to the X project which was included in their 1.2 release".
> -mpg
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>> Directions Magazine just published a Q&A about the state of geospatial jobs
>> and occupations with some folks from Penn State in which this question
>> appeared:
>>> Are you seeing positions requiring knowledge of open source software
>> such as GRASS?
>> Two of the panelists answered.  One said
>>> More generally, the ability to create custom software solutions - whether
>> proprietary or open source or a combination of the two - is in high demand.
>> which is a good, healthy response.  But the other said
>>> Not seeing positions posted with GRASS.
>> which is disappointing of course, but probably not surprising.  Would have
>> been interesting to see if any other open source keywords (qgis?
>> mapserver? Osm?) ever got any hits with them.
>> http://www.directionsmag.com/articles/geospatial-occupations-qa-part-one
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