[OSGeo-Discuss] is TileCache alive ?

Arne Kepp arne at tiledmarble.org
Wed Sep 1 07:33:53 PDT 2010

  On 9/1/10 3:24 PM, Steven Ottens wrote:
> I'm also interested in new developments in tiling.
> I found that both TileCache and GeoWebCache are lacking in their capabilities to handle and manage (selective pretiling, deleting, handling empty-tiles) vast amounts of tilesets or more 'enterprise' oriented functions like statistics and being able to distribute the tiles over redundant servers.

Securing funding for these things proved to be quite difficult. I've 
recently started looking into this again (and a big cleanup), but it's 
vaporware at this point.

That said, GWC has something called request filters, which were written 
to support datasets with sparse coverage. The included implementations 
use 1 bit rasters generated directly by the WMS, or pregenerated files 
from disk. It's not well documented, but you can find it in the 
configuration schema docs. A request filter based on shapefiles was also 
submitted to the list two days ago.

If a BoF session happens I'd be very interested in a summary, 
unfortunately I'm not able to attend this year.

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