[OSGeo-Discuss] is TileCache alive ?

Steven Ottens steven at minst.net
Wed Sep 1 06:57:50 PDT 2010

On Sep 1, 2010, at 3:52 PM, Oliver Tonnhofer wrote:

> On 01.09.2010, at 15:24, Steven Ottens wrote:
>> I'm also interested in new developments in tiling.
>> I found that both TileCache and GeoWebCache are lacking in their capabilities to handle and manage (selective pretiling, deleting, handling empty-tiles) vast amounts of tilesets or more 'enterprise' oriented functions like statistics and being able to distribute the tiles over redundant servers. 
> I can only speak for MapProxy and it does support selective pretiling (seeding polygon areas, that is) and it supports empty/single color tiles with symbolic links.

Interesting :)

> It is also possible to cascade MapProxy, but there is no enterprisey SOAP interface for that :)
> But I have to agree with you, there is still lots of room for improvements on the tool side. Maybe it is time for a tiling BOF at the FOSS4G?

I'm speaking right after you on my first attempt for a tilemanagement tool (TileSeeder http://code.google.com/p/tileseeder/ a bit more alpha than I hoped by now though) and after me Till Adams compares mapproxy, tilecache and geowebcache. That should give a reasonable crowd who might be interested in such a BoF :)


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