[OSGeo-Discuss] Commercial support (Company profile improvement options)

Bob Basques bob.b at gritechnologies.com
Fri Sep 3 11:02:13 PDT 2010


But the existing system doesn't get to the questions I've seen in this thread, namely, about searching for companies 
with mixed capabilities (open and proprietary) experience.  I also see it as expanding on what's there already, not 
overly complicating it.


On 9/3/2010 11:59 AM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Bob Basques wrote:
>>   All,
>> I know this has to be created and managed somehow, but here are some ideas on this:
>>     * Could there be some way of collecting business information related
>>       to not only OpenSource software but also a means for companies to
>>       describe themselves in their own words, even as it pertains to
>>       non-open products, as these are often a concern when bidding on
>>       projects.
>>     * A simple one pager type of thing, listing software (open and
>>       proprietary, possibly with the Open source stuff highlighted and
>>       linked) and a general company resume, maybe even including a link
>>       section for past projects.
>>     * Inclusion of the prospective company logo on the profile page.
>>     * A list of company partners.
>>     * It would be real nice as a company owner for example, to be able
>>       to link directly to a OSGEO "support" registry page.   I think a
>>       system like this would keep things updated regularly.  I keep
>>       forgetting the entry is even in there for my interests because I
>>       don't touch it enough.
> Bob,
> I really think those who register as service providers should just
> make an effort to provide the above details as they see fit on a
> landing page on their own web site.  It feels like you are trying to
> overcomplicate what is actually kept track of in the registry.
> Best regards,

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