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Re: statistical support

R is a good bet but you might also want to check out PySAL


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> On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 10:09:45PM -0700, mayank_agarwal wrote:
>> Thank you Everyone.
>> And sorry for not being clear, actually i want a GIS which is web based as
>> many clients would be acting on it at the same time, we being on server
>> side, as a desktop GIS does not has this feature.
>> So I would like for suggestions on that, Geomajas is a good option, but
>> still open for suggestions.
> In general, there are a couple things you can do.
>   1. For a full WebGIS solution, it seems like Geomajas is the primary
>      option.  It comes set up with GIS functionality out of the box, and
>      many people seem to be using it this way successfully.
>   2. If what you're most interested in is a UI for managing a bunch of
>      GIS data, what you may be interested in may actually be something
>      like Mapbender, which is a geospatial data portal.
>   3. If you want to 'roll your own' -- for example, if you only need a
>      limited set of functionality -- then OpenLayers+GeoExt+MapFish
>      provide a set of reasonable tools to work with to create your own.
>      There are a number of service providers -- like OpenGeo,
>      Camptocamp -- who can provide development services support to help
>      you implement a solution in this vein.
> Another option that I know less about is GeoMoose. A third option I also
> know less about is MapGuide's 'Fusion' toolkit. GeoMoose is generally
> tied relatively closely to MapServer, I believe, though I could be wrong
> on that. MapGuide Fusion is tied relatively closely to MapGuide; at one
> point there was some work on extending it to also talk to MapServer,
> though I don't know how far that went.
> OpenGeo may also have some aspect of the GeoServer toolkit that fulfills
> this need, but nothing comes to mind off the top of my head. I believe
> something like OpenGeo's "GeoNode" is actually a 'competitor' of sorts
> to something like Mapbender, a combination of catalog services and tools
> to manage and browse them.
> If I have misspoken about any of the projects described here, please let
> me know.
> Regards,

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