[OSGeo-Discuss] Geopaparazzi released

andrea antonello andrea.antonello at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 08:33:40 PDT 2010

Hi Arnulf,

> this is an excellent example of how the OSGeo trademark is being
> "protected" by the community. At the same time constructive discussion
> on the trademark policy is helpful to evolve how we deal with these
> questions. It is good to see growing interest in using the graphics.

I agree with you here. I have been a bit to easy (== not thinking) on
using the logo just thinking it would be under whatsoever free license
but I was apparently wrong. I appreciated not having been attacked,
but suggested in good manners. That is a sign of a healty community in
my opinion. That said, I am still sad, that we can't use the logo just
to widespread the word of OsGeo, even if I understand :)

> And please by all means please feel free to use the standard OSGeo logo
> to link back to OSGeo.
> As a side note to the broader community: Whenever you feel that you come
> close to using the trademarked version of the OSGeo logo and colors or
> want to explicitly use it in a context you are unsure of, feel free to
> let the marketing mailing list know so that we can discuss this up front.

Yeah, that is a good advice. To be honest we released geopaparazzi
only now because of time issues, but I created it as part of my PhD
thesis and presented it already in Sydney. Since then noone complains.
I am wondering about two things:
1) is that because it is a paid application?
2) will I get lawsuited if I have the osgeo compass in my PhD thesis
(available in the net) and in a couple of presentations I gave in the
last year at conferences (all available on slideshare)? It would be
bad to take them back, but if I have to...


> Best regards,
> Arnulf
> andrea antonello wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> today we finally released the first version of Geopaparazzi on the
>> android market. The project is released under GPLv3 an available on
>> the homepage of the project [0].
>> Geopaparazzi is a tool developed to supprot very fast qualitative
>> engineering/geologic surveys. It integrates completely with the BeeGIS
>> digital tablet extentions, i.e. the data are imported straight into
>> the GIS from the phone for further processing [1].
>> Geopaparazzi is sold on the Android market and supports the
>> development of Geopaprazzi itself as well as the projects developed by
>> the same team: JGrass, JGrassTools and BeeGIS.
>> That said, I leave you to the documentation on the main website.
>> Thanks for the attention,
>> Andrea
>> [0] http://www.geopaparazzi.eu
>> [1] http://tinyurl.com/35zucxt
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