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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 18:13:23 PDT 2011

Koordinates.com is currently hosting a whote 'tone' of data, where
each dataset /item is independently licenced.
The API isn't open source, but the data is free.

On the next level, the CommonMap.org project, is 'just like OSM' but
with the ccBY licence for it's data, were all shp file source
attributes are maintained, with the addition of 'osm-tags'.

If anyone knows of better systems, please do share, as duplicate
efforts on where to spend time is a frequent occurance. :)


On 8/3/11, del cadarn <del_cadarn at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I  am calling upon your Open Source expertise. I'm
> currently working on an  online [censored] map for a community project. I
>  am trying to find the right map server or web map  services that would
> enables us to make the most of this project. I feel  a little overhelmed
>  with all the different options online and thought  you could maybe make
>  a few recommendations.
> Here are some more details on what I am looking for.
> At  its most basic, I look for a server that enables to see
> georeferenced  features on a basemap, click on a feature to display more
>  information  and also edit information. Ideally I am looking for a
> mapserver  supporting WFS, enabling the display of multiple layers (that
>  could be  switched on/off) supporting simple queries ( intersect,
> buffer) and  maybe also enabling links and photos.
> Unfortunately there are  two main constraints: my limited
> knowledge in programming (I only know a  little python and no java
> whatsoever) and user-friendliness of the  finished platform is essential
>  as it is aimed to local communities with  limited computer skills.
> Merci,
>                  D 		 	   		

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