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Brian Fischer bfischer at houstoneng.com
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The GeoMOOSE project might fit your needs.  Check out the gallery.  http://www.geomoose.org/wiki/index.php/GeoMOOSE_Gallery

It uses MapServer and OpenLayers under the hood.  We also offer commercial support if that is an option.

Best of luck,

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Hello all,
I am calling upon your Open Source expertise. I'm currently working on an  online [censored] map for a community project. I am trying to find the right map server or web map services that would enables us to make the most of this project. I feel a little overhelmed with all the different options online and thought you could maybe make a few recommendations.

Here are some more details on what I am looking for.

At its most basic, I look for a server that enables to see georeferenced features on a basemap, click on a feature to display more information and also edit information. Ideally I am looking for a mapserver supporting WFS, enabling the display of multiple layers (that could be switched on/off) supporting simple queries ( intersect, buffer) and maybe also enabling links and photos.

Unfortunately there are two main constraints: my limited knowledge in programming (I only know a little python and no java whatsoever) and user-friendliness of the finished platform is essential as it is aimed to local communities with limited computer skills.


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