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On 06/08/11 07:15, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
> With a very encouraging list of nominees for the open board positions, 
> it might help (at least me!) if some could share their thoughts about 
> OSGeo and its future direction.
> As a potential director:
> * What important areas do you see OSGeo needing to fix or strive for 
> in order to grow?
> * What challenges do you see for OSGeo in the short and long terms?
> * What kinds of goals do you have for the organisation? (It's not a 
> presidential race, but curious on what you see as goals for the org).
> * What is needed for a board to be successful? ...For OSGeo to be a 
> success?
> * Have you had to deal with similar challenges before?
> * Etc...
Adding to Tyler's questions of "what would we like to achieve?", I'd 
also like to couch the questions inside the practical realities, and 
hear practical ideas about how we can achieve it.

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