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Arnie Shore shoreas at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 09:42:32 PDT 2011

I wonder if i cd make a pitch here for consideration being paid to a
not-very-exciting application of GEO-technology, Computer-Aided-Dispatch.

It's a mainstay of local law enforcement agencies - and is ubiquitous in the
world of local government law enforcement and emergency response as well as
health service providers.  It can play a role in the operations of some
NGO's in providing not only for the tracking and management of response
teams, but in providing situation awareness.

While i'm aware of fine applications oriented to crisis response like
Sahana, those I've looked at are rather ambitions in scope and oriented
differently, while i do see strong interest at the local level for
day-in/day-out response tracking and management.  The only such beast I'm
aware of that comes close, is our own, Tickets, which in its use of Gmaps
fails in one measure of its Open Source.credentials.  It needs modernization
in that measure, at least.

All of that said, I'm not sure of what I'm suggesting here, other than an
awareness-raiser, re its importance to its users.

(Arguably, CAD may be the earliest consumer of location-based services!)

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