[OSGeo-Discuss] critical tomcat bug holding back release of osgeo-live - please help

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 05:49:53 PDT 2011

Us osgeo-live packagers are stuck on a tomcat and iso building bug. Part 
of the problem is that the key people debugging (Hamish, Alex, a few 
others) don't have much experience with tomcat.

We'd really appreciate it if some heavy hitting tomcat users could join 
us on irc://freenode.net#osgeolive and help us debug.
Hamish will be around for 15 mins, Alex should be waking up in a few hours.

We are running the risk of not getting osgeolive packaged in time for 

On 25/08/11 21:35, OSGeo wrote:
> #765: rasdaman quickstart demos not working
> ----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------
>   Reporter:  camerons  |       Owner:  live-demo@…
>       Type:  defect    |      Status:  new
>   Priority:  major     |   Milestone:
> Component:  LiveDVD   |    Keywords:  5.0 rasdaman
> ----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------
> Comment(by hamish):
>   more broken tomcat comments:
>   looking at 5.0rc2, tomcat works on the VM and does not work on the ISO.
>   ie `sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat6 start` fails.
>   Alex has this theory, and I think he could be on to something:
>   what is different between the two?  build_iso.sh.
>   in that we use fslint's `findup` program to find all duplicate files on
>   the disc and hardlink them together. as there are known to be a few
>   duplicate copies of tomcat around which diff't projects have self-bundled,
>   it may be that something is getting tied together which shouldn't be.
>   afaict there is not a simple way to ask fslint to avoid a particular
>   directory.
>   currently I'm hunting for the GNU `find` incantation to find all files
>   within /usr/share/tomcat6/ and /var/share/tomcat6/ which are hardlinks.
>   '''''help in the next few hours from someone/anyone with a clue about
>   tomcat would be most appreciated.'''''
>   thanks,
>   Hamish

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