[OSGeo-Discuss] 30m SRTM worldwide?

Carsten Troelsgaard troelsgaard53c at live.dk
Tue Aug 30 06:12:55 PDT 2011

  Hi Sylvain Great that you can deal with the anomalies in Grass.I hope that the note 'Undoubtedly the linear artifact are « step anomaly » (p. 19 text).' That should make the correction straightforward. I figured that by ink-stain they would imply some anomalous 'edge' like when a coffee-stains darkens at the edges. In any circumstance, you've got the upper hand on it now. .. and I've become fameous ;o) Carsten > Hi Carsten,
> Continuing your idea I import ASTER QA Plain file ASTGTM_..._num.tiff
> in my GRASS location. It show a 1 to 3 stack count which borders areas
> superpose with artifacts (see both images end of
> http://yepca.org/wp3/?p=303 ).
> Next steep is to verify what append if I use the stack number to
> correct GDEM using GRASS mapcalc (something like 'if stack layer = 3
> than GDEM =+20m'). Then comparing with SRTM-DEM in a untouched forest
> area... Let me dream...
> Thanks again
> Sylvain
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