[OSGeo-Discuss] weave release

percy percyd at pdx.edu
Thu Jun 16 11:17:40 PDT 2011

I'm happy to announce that a new open source interactive data 
visualization tool for the web is available. It's called Weave, and is 
currently in beta. It requires a java servlet engine on the server, and 
flash in the client.

I am using it to serve up data for the Portland region, as I've been 
lucky enough to participate in the pre-beta testing. What's really cool 
is the interactivity between the graphs, data tables, legend and map. 
It's all linked up. Plus time animations for map data!

Other "regional indicator" projects are also using it, and we anticipate 
a big rollout in the Fall.
Since it's beta, don't expect a lot of support yet...

David Percy
Geospatial Data Manager
Geology Department&
Institute for Metropolitan Studies
Portland State University

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