[OSGeo-Discuss] FOSSGIS Brasil Magazine #2

George Rodrigues da Cunha Silva georger.silva at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 05:18:26 PDT 2011

Hello OsGeo lists (sorry for cross-posting - this is on discuss and edu)

After the buzz generated by the publication of the first edition of
FOSSGIS Brasil magazine, we will treat a very important subject that has
everything to do with opensource geospatial technology: education.

It is known that formal education in Brazil is not in it's best shape,
nevertheless, many teaching and research institutions have been 
searching for
alternatives to provide quality educational support and improve 
instruction for
students and citizens.

Within this context, many institutions have seen in open source software,
an option, since this kind of software is free of licesing fees and
helps students to understand better the word "cooperation".

Following this line of thougth, this edition will address the use of 
open source GIS softwares in schools and universities,
showing that it is possible to provide quality teaching with this type 
of software, as it is done in IFPB Geoprocessamento

We had the pleasure to interview in this edition Prof. Jorge Xavier da 
emeritus teacher of UFRJ and mentor of the the first 100% brazilian GIS: 

Still in this edition you will be able to check out articles about WKT 
Raster, a PostGIS alternative to
storing and manipulating rasters, Quantum GIS, Kosmo GIS and the second 
part of the Mobile GIS article, presentend in the first edition,
amongst others.

We all hope that you like this new edition, and leave out your comments 
on our website.
To download the second edition of FOSSGIS-Brasil, just go to the 
following link:


FOSSGIS Brasil Team


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