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Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Il giorno mar, 08/03/2011 alle 08.28 +0100, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas ha
> scritto:
>> I wouldn't suggest google code as a  repository unless you don't care
>> about people living in USA embargoed countries. Google apply USA
>> export restrictions and developers can't access those repositories (a
>> Cuban OSGeo-es member suffers this stuff all the time).
> BTW: is this stil a problem with the OSGEO repo?
> All the best.

not a problem and was never a direct OSGeo issue either. GeoNetwork
operate their code repositories at SoureForge who had some policy
changes a few months back imposing strict export restriction rules to
arbitrarily all projects, whether "justified" or not. Developers from
some nations had trouble for some time continuing to contribute and use
code. Project owners could eventually (after some protesting directed at
SF) revert these changes if they do not "export" restricted code.

Then again, this whole issues is but a laugh and certainly not worth
spending so many words on because it is so very easy to circumnavigate
by using proxies. It is again based on the general misunderstanding that
one could apply the same restriction to software as to matter. Which
simply does not work. Try to copy a brick, or make a backup or send it
via email. The other way round (partially restrict the distribution of
digital data) does not work either. Never. It is nothing but a nuissance
and it demonstrates how unrelated politics, policies and laws are to the
real world.

Best regards,

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