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El 08/03/11 12:13, Seven (aka Arnulf) escribió:
> Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>> Il giorno mar, 08/03/2011 alle 08.28 +0100, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas ha
>> scritto:
>>> I wouldn't suggest google code as a  repository unless you don't care
>>> about people living in USA embargoed countries. Google apply USA
>>> export restrictions and developers can't access those repositories (a
>>> Cuban OSGeo-es member suffers this stuff all the time).
>> BTW: is this stil a problem with the OSGEO repo?
>> All the best.
> Paolo,
> not a problem and was never a direct OSGeo issue either. GeoNetwork
> operate their code repositories at SoureForge who had some policy
> changes a few months back imposing strict export restriction rules to
> arbitrarily all projects, whether "justified" or not. Developers from
> some nations had trouble for some time continuing to contribute and use
> code. Project owners could eventually (after some protesting directed at
> SF) revert these changes if they do not "export" restricted code.
> Then again, this whole issues is but a laugh and certainly not worth
> spending so many words on because it is so very easy to circumnavigate
> by using proxies. It is again based on the general misunderstanding that
> one could apply the same restriction to software as to matter. Which
> simply does not work. Try to copy a brick, or make a backup or send it
> via email. The other way round (partially restrict the distribution of
> digital data) does not work either. Never. It is nothing but a nuissance
> and it demonstrates how unrelated politics, policies and laws are to the
> real world.

I agree this is a nonsense, but as I said, many people are suffering
those restrictions so as they are applied to many services and sites
(not only for developers, also for something as normal as getting a java
virtual machine, for example) I would encourage to avoid using them.

SEXTANTE for example moved from Google Code to OSOR.eu forge because of

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