[OSGeo-Discuss] New OSGeo design

Benjamin Chartier benjamin.chartier at cegetel.net
Wed Nov 2 01:46:57 PDT 2011

Le 01/11/2011 13:19, Jo Cook a écrit :
> Responding to Arnulf's tweet about the new site design 
> (http://twitter.com/#!/sevenspatial/status/128711440596078592 
> <http://twitter.com/#%21/sevenspatial/status/128711440596078592>)

Hi all,

I do like the general appearance. It’s really a big improvement.

Some suggestions:
-    I don’t like the round corners of the boxes. I would prefer square 
-    Some boxes have shadows and some don’t. I would prefer no shadows 
at all.
-    The footer of the home page is much too big. I prefer the footer of 
the other pages because of the color of the text and its small height.
-    Too many menus around the main content part of the page: the left 
hand side menu, the “about us, participate…” menu and the “tools to use, 
foundations to build on…” menu. I would prefer something simpler. I’m 
not sure we need these links on all pages. My suggestion: have a link to 
the home page, the search tool and a reminder of where we currently are 
(like osgeo > tools to use > find software).
-    The languages links should be present on all pages. This list of 
languages may grow in the future. Keeping it a single line may be 
difficult. Would it be possible to use a drop down list instead of a 
line of links?
-    The content and title of the home page boxes is quite confusing. 
What about having the following sections: OSGeo Foundation, Community 
and Projects?
-    A place for news is missing.


Benjamin Chartier

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