[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter nominees -- please speak up!

Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses pferrer at osgeo.org
Wed Nov 23 00:48:54 PST 2011

Hello everybody,

my name is Pedro-Juan Ferrer and I have the honor of being an OSGeo
Charter Member nominee for this year election (second year in a row),
I'd like to thank to Jorge Sanz for the nomination and to the Spanish
Language Local Chapter for being supportive (in the LC list).

Computer has been one of my hobbies since I was 7, so when I grow up
(34 right now) and I become a cartographer, obviously I also become a
GIS specialist... well, it is said that specialization is for insects,
and I'm more the "Jack of all trades" kind of person, but I hope you
get the idea.

I began using some GDAL/OGR tricks, some Python (Shapely), PostGIS an
Mapserver, through the years I've become involved with the gvSIG and
OSM communities. I'm not a developer, but a user (and some times a
PITA with some bugs and bugtracking services) and a evangelist which
is more the role that I develop for the OSGeo Foundation.

I've been in the Spanish Local Chapter almost since it was founded, I
was elected as it's Liaison Officer and submitted the LC Request of
Approval to the Board and the community. I always defended that this
Local Chapter should be Language based and tried to encourage people
from both sides of the Atlantic to collaborate and get
responsibilities, and I'm still trying because it is one of my biggest
Failures cause we still aren't able to mobilize enough people, but we
keep trying.

I've been representing the Foundation in lots of Events here in Spain
and (once) in LATAM, and not only in "Geo-Events" but also in other
Software/Technology/Social events.

I think that the Foundation needs to develop stronger links with the
Spanish speaking communities, so if you disregard my nomination (but
have reached this point) please take into consideration the
candidatures of Gabriel Roldán (developer strongly involved in
OpenGeo) and Lluís Vicens (University teacher (SIGTE departament in
Girona) and one of the Almae Maters of the biggest FOSS4G event in

Thank you very much for this opportunity!


Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses
Valencia (España)

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