[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter member nominees -- where are you?

Ravi Kumar ravivundavalli48 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 26 03:26:12 PST 2011

All the nominees may not be forthcoming to mail their merits.

The list of candidates and those who have recommended them is of use for selection.
The nominees for sure belong to different cultures, and it is natural for many not to speak out in their own support.

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I fully agree with the opinion expressed below by Dimitris.
Rather then asking nominated members to justify their
nomination and (harshly) stating that if they do not do
so they may not be good "champion of OSGeo", it
is for the present charter members who will be voting
to find out about suitability of each candidate and vote
appropriately. For me the information available at
and my limited knowledge of the OSGeo community
is adequate to make my choices.


On 2011/11/26 18:56, Dimitris Kotzinos wrote:
> Dear all, Michael,
> there are some things that for me do not sound well placed in the nomination process, one of them is the request of the nominees to present themselves in a greater audience.
> Although I understand the request (and I find it perfectly normal and logical because otherwise how would someone vote for one person never heard of), I think that the idea is that someone is nominated because of actions and contributions to the community - so the community should know and moreover the charter members should follow more closely the overall activities. Additionally I feel that people who nominate others should be responsible to detail their contributions along with the nomination. Since this is not a usual voting process (where I submit a candidacy) I think it is not proper to nominate someone and then ask him/her to "expose" him/herself.
> Again not that there is something wrong with the request.
> This brings me to a last point: maybe, as the organization expands, this process needs a careful reconsideration towards enforcing either a more open process (e.g. having all members to vote and the ability to become candidates and not nominees) or a more strict process where nominations should be followed be detailed CVs, etc. and possibly having specific criteria to be met. Local chapters could also play a role in this.
> I acknowledge the fact that this can be a rather tedious and difficult discussion but since I had the opportunity starting from Michael's e-mail I thought to bring this up.
> Apologies for the lengthy e-mail,
> Best regards,
> Dimitris Kotzinos
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