[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter nominees -- please speak up!

Lluís Vicens lluis at sigte.udg.es
Mon Nov 28 00:39:59 PST 2011

I'm sorry for my delayed reply. I've been quite busy doing some other
task with an imminent deadline and I didn't find enough time to write
few lines to present myself.

First of all I would say that I'm pretty honored by the nomination so I
would like to give thanks  to Santiago for his nomination as well as the
OSGeo-es Board Members for their support. I hope to give back his
confidence with my work within the community.

I'm not a great developer neither a leader of any OS project.... I'm
just a worker in the university that truly advocates for the use of open
and free technologies and my objective is to spread the use of free
software in any activities that I carry on in my job. 

I work in the SIGTE, the GIS and Remote Sensing Service of the
University of Girona since 2002 and I'm teacher and tutor of several
courses and training activities based on the use of free and open source
software. I use and I promote free and open source software because I'm
at the University and I have the real conviction that the university, as
a knowledge engine and a transference node, it should use free
technologies as a tool to transfer and teach.  
As Santiago mentioned in his previous email, I'm also the organizer of
the Spanish foss4g (Jornadas de SIG Libre), a very interesting event due
to the high quality of the workshops and communications done by the
Spanish Speaking Community that attend the conference every year (thanks
for your continued attendance), and I was lucky to take part in the LOC
of FOSS4G2010 in Barcelona.

Thanks for the nomination and sorry again for my late answer.

Best regards,

Lluís Vicens
Comité Organizador
Jornadas de SIG Libre

Sitio web:   http://www.sigte.udg.edu/jornadassiglibre 
Síguenos en: http://twitter.com/SIGLibreGirona
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