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you find these most simplistic categories right on the OSGeo web site on the right hand: 

Another good starting point might be OSGeo Live at: which also includes short descriptions in several languages and projects not directly related to OSGeo. Another source of information is , currently maybe the most comprehensive collection with short descriptions.

Do you think this is enough to get going? If not please suggest what else would be helpful. 

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Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] Open GIS Overview
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Can anyone point me to a sort of OpenGis Overview .. 
anything that can support me in choosing which GIS-tool/s is best suited for a particular problem and what sort of problems the available GIS-tools best tackles?I have a strong interest in general GIS, and a very limited user-experience .. but that will be the situation of meny new potential GIS-users. I'm confused as to what tools to take a focus on, in preparation for taking on a 'real' but undefined geo-related problem.
I'm not sure weather the following keywords covers all importent components that a minimum workable GIS setup contains:Client, Server, Data, Network   If these suffice then .. would it be possible to map some of the most important (or all) OpenGIS acronyms to these 4 basic components? .. I'm not sure that it will solve the problem of overview since a confined programmable consept that a 'module' constitute may not conform.
I'm trying to get a glimps of the elefant but only find potential snouts, tails, knees ... That's atleast what I feel. Would it be possible to pull a KIS? (design-principle for 'keep it simple").
Feel free to smile and think "ah, .. another one that doesn't want to do his homework!" 

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