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GeoMoose operates against data sources similarly to your descriptions.  Each data source has it's own MapFile control for the MapServer engine, and you can also let GeoMoose access the WMS services directly if you wish.  This makes the addition of new layers very easy in the configuration of the GeoMoose catalog (MAPBOOK)  


>>> John Callahan <john.callahan at udel.edu> wrote:

I have about 15 or so OGC services running with MapServer, mostly WMS but a few WFS and hopefully some WCS in the future. I'd like to have an easy way for users to browse through my services. Of course, I can manually create a web page listing my services but there should be something better. A CSW catalog would be nice as traditional desktop GIS users can easily browse/search and add my services directly to their GIS. It'd also be great if my services could be harvested by other catalogs. 

Does anyone know of a way to run a CSW-compliant app by simply adding existing etCapability URLs? I know about GeoNetwork but it doesn't seem like I need the full GUI or multi-user editor as it's only me (plus I'd rather not have to manually create/maintain records for each service as I think I'd have to with GN.) Does anyone know if MapServer can perform like a CSW, perhaps by pointing to local map files? 

In the end, I'm looking for a way to easily maintain a catalog of OGC services through integrating existing services as much as possible. Thanks for any guidance. 

- John 

John Callahan, Research Scientist
Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
URL: http://www.dgs.udel.edu

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