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it is probably not very helpful to ask Tyler about the future direction
of OSGeo because he is busy looking for a new job and after his family
and newborn.

But please ask questions on this list or - if you explicitly address
them to the board - on this list:

The board list is not a closed list, anybody can subscribe and also read
the archives and everything that the board does goes through this list.
All the board meetings so far have taken place on IRC channel #osgeo
these are also logged and publicly available:

All the meetings minutes are available on the OSGeo Wiki at:

The only meetings of the board which are "private" have been those
concerning our employee.

In response to the latest decision that OSGeo will carry on without an
executive director for the time being there has also been some
discussion on this list and most questions that were raised have been
answered promptly. In some cases the answers were "I don't know" or
"please suggest how to deal with this" which are both valid answers.

In general I would be happy to have more interaction with and by "the
community" and less of a feeling that the board "rules" the foundation.
The foundation is - like all its committee - self organizing. The board
tries to make decisions that help this process as best as it (the board)
can. Every year half the board gets elected by the charter members and
the charter member grows over the years, this year by 20 new members -
starting in a few weeks.

Questions? Post them.

Best regards

On 25.09.2011 01:27, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Some have asked me for more information about the recent board meeting
> and decisions, direction, etc.  Hopefully I can just send one message instead
> of replying to each individually :) Instead of guessing on the plans, I suggest
> you look at the detailed minutes (below) that are now available.  I don't really
> have more information than that.  The previous announcement had a slightly
> higher level summary, so this might answer your questions better
> Hope that helps,
> Tyler
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>> Subject: [Board] Denver F2F Board Meeting Minutes Posted
>> FYI, the minutes of the September 18 F2F Board Meeting in Denver have been posted in the wiki:
>>  http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Face_to_Face_Meeting_Denver_2011
>> Please let me know if I missed anything important (hopefully not).
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