[OSGeo-Discuss] smartEditor 1.2 supports UKGEMINI 2.1 standard

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Wed Sep 28 03:38:11 PDT 2011

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Dear Lists,

The Metadata Management community is pleased to announce the release of the
smartEditor version 1.2. The major focus of this release is to extend the
support of metadata standards for different information communities. Hence,
the UK Gemini 2.1 standard is now supported. smartEditor users are now able
to create any mandatory metadata elements required by UK Gemini 2.1. A new
set of validation rules have been added to support testing of such elements
against the schematron rules that have been released with UK Gemini 2.1.

New Features include:

*	UK GEMINI 2.1 support
*	New element: vertical extent
*	Code list selection for applied metadata standard

The new version also contains the following bug fixes:

*	refactored processing of capabilities documents
*	corrected GPT deployment
*	added 'fre' as additional ISO 639-2 acronym for French
*	lessened ticket verification strictness
*	fixed 0:* problem with "alternate title"
*	changed validation rule message for element "service type"
*	added validation of "operationName" and "URL"
*	fixed missing date/dateType validation error when providing a
thesaurus reference for keywords

Download at http://52north.org/downloads/metadata-management/applications
More information about the smartEditor at

Forum: http://metadata.forum.52north.org/
Mailing list:  <http://list.52north.org/mailman/listinfo/metadata>

Best regards,

Ann Hitchcock


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