[OSGeo-Discuss] error in patch

marco.donnini at tiscali.it marco.donnini at tiscali.it
Fri Sep 30 00:08:09 PDT 2011


I have some vector maps (hydrographic basin with some attributes 
like name, mean elevation etc...).
I would like to create a patch with 
all the vector maps..
I have some overlapping on the maps.

I digit:
patch” with “copy also the attribute table”.

than I digit:
type = point, line, boundary, centroid, area
tool = break, 
rmdupl, bpol, rmarea
thresh = 1,1,1,2000

and "v.to.db" for calculate 
again the areas.

I don't know why but in the "patch" I haven't some 
areas (from the vector maps), and than in the "clean" I have some area 
that I didn't have in the "patch" and some area of the "patch", now in 
tne "clean" disappears...

Someone can help me??

Thank you very mutch!


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