[OSGeo-Discuss] GeoBolivia - hiring personal

slesage slesage at geo.gob.bo
Mon Feb 13 05:19:41 PST 2012

El 2012-02-11 16:48, Hernan Olivera escribió:
> El día 11 de febrero de 2012 15:40, slesage <slesage at geo.gob.bo> 
> escribió:
>> This is about 8 times the minimal salary in Bolivia. That's true 
>> that it
>> doesn't sound very attractive for people from any other country, but
>> compared to the Bolivian standard of living, that's not bad.
> I see. But it's difficult to attract foreign people.
> I hope you have enough local human resources.

I hope so, verdict on wednesday when we will review the applications. 
But I'm confident, there are good devs in La Paz, and we will not 
reinvent the wheel, just adapt OSGeo software to our needs.

> It would be great if there were some way of teleworking for this.
> Or may be some class of open process, to let the community help in 
> some way.

Yes we are thinking all the project as open, as you can see in 
https://proyectos.geo.gob.bo . We need to define better exactly which 
technologies we will use, and maybe later in this year, if more fundings 
are coming, we could think in some teleworking for a specific task (this 
modality exists in the Bolivian public administration, I checked it).

> Good luck with the project!

Thanks, we will keep spaming when we have some interesting news.

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