[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Member nominations: supporting Angelos Tzotsos, nominating Dimitris Kotzinos

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Thu Jul 5 05:03:21 PDT 2012

Greetings OSGeo - list(en)ers :D

Herewith I'd like to express my support for Angelos Tzotsos' nomination.

I met Angelos in November 2010, during the 1st GeoDataCamp organised by a core 
team behind <geodata.gov.gr>.  No second thoughts, his profile fits into the 
OSGeo frame.  His knowledge upon (F)OS(S) + Geo is well founded and his 
argumentation clean.  He contributes to the community by developing software 
(<http://users.ntua.gr/tzotsos/free_software.html>),  presenting the OSGeo 
live project in _every_ relevant event (I've been at least), and he plays an 
important role in the Greek OSGeo chapter (for example, on the ongoing 
translation of the OSGeo website).

Along with expressing the support for Angelos nomination, I'd like to nominate 
Dimitris Kotzinos (<http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/User:Kotzino>).

Dimitris is not unknown to the OSGeo community.  I only knew about him from 
osgeo-wikipages -- for example, he took the responsibility to found the Greek 
OSGeo Chapter (end of 2007) -- and contacted him indirectly through the 
<greek at lists.osgeo.org> list.  I had the chance to meet and discuss with him 
during last year's "1st GRASS and GFOSS Users Camp" (in which he was a co-
organizer).  I "discovered" that his contributions to the Greek OS community, 
and especially to the geospatial OS community, are extensive.  Searching the 
web should be enough to convince so.  Not too long ago, during the 5th 
FOSSCOMM (the main Greek OS-communities conference), and the 7th HellasGI 
conference, we had more intensive & extensive discussions touching various 
subjects.  It is great that he shares his rich experiences with the community.  
There are many more points in his osgeo-related cv, but I feel that this 
message would become too lengthy.

All in all, I consider as very significant having some Greek(s) participating 
actively in OSGeo's governance activities.  It sure will enrich OSGeo's 
diverse and multi-cultural profile as well as it will boost our growing Greek 
OSGeo community.

Kindest regards, Nikos

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