[OSGeo-Discuss] Board Nomination for Jachym Chepicky

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 12:43:29 PDT 2012

Thank you Arnulf for nominating me into the board of directors. To
confirm and clarify some things ;-) : My name is Jáchym Čepický, I'm
from Czech Republic (Central Europe), I was member of FOSS4G-CEE
organization committee this year and I gladly accept Arnulf's nomination.

Some of you might know me as former member of GRASS development team,
some of you maybe have heard something about PyWPS. Maybe my name caught
your eye in some other project. Currently, I'm working mainly on
implementation of INPSIRE directive (what ever that will mean in the
future) at various levels (server, clients).

I was thinking about, what could I bring to OSGeo community (except for
development). I'm member of Czech Association for Geoinformation with
some contacts to Eurogi. I was member of OSGeo.de (GRASS Verein) and I
was at the beginning of OSGeo.it (it was great night in Palermo that
time). I'm employed at Help Service - Remote Sensing. The company is
member of OGC and has partners thanks to various activities all around
Europe. Recently, there is a plan to organize OSGeo workshop in Africa -
so we have some contacts there as well.

Even it might look, I'm not very active in OSGeo, I'm just observing
things. In general, when I see the things moving in right direction, I
do not feel need to explicitly support some opinion, being one of many.
I'm aware, that being OSGeo Director means among others not only to
express my opinion to many things clearly and loudly, but being also the
one, who raises new questions.

It's an honour to be among such candidates, who were already nominated
to the Board. I think, OSGeo will have great Board of directors for
upcoming years.


Dne 26.7.2012 17:35, Seven (aka Arnulf) napsal(a):
> Folks,
> I would like to nominate Jachym Cepicki as director for the board of OSGeo.
> I know Jachym personally for several years and have been impressed with
> his great work in the Open Source community in general and especially in
> the Czech Republic and surrounding region. He has chaired and helped to
> organize the FOSS4G Central and East Asia which I had the honor of
> attending this spring. Jachym is vocal and considerate at the same time,
> he has shown great moderation skills between different interests and is
> an integral part of the local communities in central and eastern Europe.
> Jachym is a thoroughly techy guy with a broad background and always
> working on the bleeding edge of things. He is aware of the
> responsibilities coming with a director's job and I believe that he
> would be a great addition to the board.
> All the best,
> Arnulf

Jachym Cepicky
Help Service - Remote Sensing s.r.o.
jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
HS-RS: jachym at hsrs.cz http://bnhelp.cz

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