[OSGeo-Discuss] regional conferences

Free yjacolin at free.fr
Mon Jun 18 07:44:16 PDT 2012


Le lundi 18 juin 2012 16:40:37 nicolas bozon a écrit :
> About the Meditearranean event we were speaking, initiated by the italian
> chapter discuss list, i'm imagining it as a sub regional event. As said
> before, and underlined by Stefano, it won't be a european event only, as
> people from north africa and middle-east may be interested to join too. All
> around that good sea. That could also be a great occasion for southern
> european OSGeo people to meet too.

This could be interesting to mix some countries in two differents Local FOSS4G 
(like italy and France in FOSS4G-CEE and FOSS4G-med). This way ideas, 
projects, etc. will spread much better.

A kind of FOSS4G intersection :)


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