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Hi all,

Many good points from Jachym, Volker, Bart and Jeff i fully agree here.

According to me, 2012 was the first year FOSS4G was really splitted in such
a way. 4 events, in 3 continents (including the FOSS4G-South-East-Asia
recently announced in Malaysia http://foss4g-sea.org/)
But i think this is very good. Of course we must keep the annual event as
best as the board and community can, with international sponsoring and

But as Jeff just said, even if regional events may make the global event
kind of smaller (not even sure!), the OSGeo mission would be spread much
wider, in all continents, nations and tribes, with more regional and 'semi
regional' events popping around.

As there are many local chapters, and that some are sharing the same
languages, others don't, even neighbors, i'm fully supporting the idea of
having both global, regional and let's say 'sub-regional' events at the
same year, or according to a well organized turn over, year by year (odd
and even could be a good base a proposed before here).

I also could notice that depending on the regional event, the conference
may be more academic or more business oriented. May be due to foss4g
traditions or customs according to the organizing local chapters. In any
case, both global, regional and sub-regional would promote OSGeo and may
encourage the formation of new local chapters in countries where OSGeo is
not yet represented.

About FOSS4G-Europe, i fully agree that it must be reconducted and it will
for sure, and as Jachym suggested it should probably happens in a different
country each year, and of course not in the same as global event, at least
for the global "Europe" years.

About the Meditearranean event we were speaking, initiated by the italian
chapter discuss list, i'm imagining it as a sub regional event.
As said before, and underlined by Stefano, it won't be a european event
only, as people from north africa and middle-east may be interested to join
too. All around that good sea.
That could also be a great occasion for southern european OSGeo people to
meet too.

My 0.002 €



2012/6/18 Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com>

> On 12-06-18 10:50 AM, Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> > Volker, I see your point - you are not writing it for the first
> > time.
> >
> > Truth is, there was strong request for FOSS4G-E during CEE event.
> > Do you want to prohibit it? I would better support it. Certainly it
> > means loss for the global FOSS4G. Does it mean win for OSGeo? I
> > think so. We just have to talk about the proper model.
> >
> > Jachym
> Hello Jachym, Volker, Bart, Nick, Maria, Helena and all my FOSS4G
> friends around the world.
> I have been very quiet since FOSS4G Denver, stepping back from
> FOSS4G/conferences because of some concerns about my leadership
> relayed to me from the OSGeo Board.
> But my FOSS4G passion and energy has never been so strong.  It will
> never go away :)
> I am watching the 'regional' events popping up all around the world in
> fascination and awe; this is really what we have always wanted, to
> spread the good FOSS4G word, whether it is through a large event or a
> small one, an official event or 10 people meeting once a month in a
> pub to discuss FOSS.
> I admit: at first I was hesitant and was against these regional events
> because I was worried it would impact the annual event; but, I realize
> now that there is nothing we can do if people want to get together in
> their own areas, so let's support it!  We can't stop these regional
> events, nor should we.  They're great, allowing local groups to get
> together with a focus on FOSS4G in their area.
> Yes, the annual FOSS4G event may dilute a bit, but the word will
> spread to a wider audience through local/regional events.  I still
> want the annual event to happen each year, to rotate around different
> regions, and I am ok if that event only draws a few hundred local
> enthusiasts.
> I miss you all dearly, and I would jump at the chance to help lead
> FOSS4G, helping all regional and the annual events grow.
> Your passionate friend,
> -jeff
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