[OSGeo-Discuss] regional conferences

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Jun 18 07:14:39 PDT 2012

On 12-06-18 10:50 AM, Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> Volker, I see your point - you are not writing it for the first
> time.
> Truth is, there was strong request for FOSS4G-E during CEE event.
> Do you want to prohibit it? I would better support it. Certainly it
> means loss for the global FOSS4G. Does it mean win for OSGeo? I
> think so. We just have to talk about the proper model.
> Jachym

Hello Jachym, Volker, Bart, Nick, Maria, Helena and all my FOSS4G
friends around the world.

I have been very quiet since FOSS4G Denver, stepping back from
FOSS4G/conferences because of some concerns about my leadership
relayed to me from the OSGeo Board.

But my FOSS4G passion and energy has never been so strong.  It will
never go away :)

I am watching the 'regional' events popping up all around the world in
fascination and awe; this is really what we have always wanted, to
spread the good FOSS4G word, whether it is through a large event or a
small one, an official event or 10 people meeting once a month in a
pub to discuss FOSS.

I admit: at first I was hesitant and was against these regional events
because I was worried it would impact the annual event; but, I realize
now that there is nothing we can do if people want to get together in
their own areas, so let's support it!  We can't stop these regional
events, nor should we.  They're great, allowing local groups to get
together with a focus on FOSS4G in their area.

Yes, the annual FOSS4G event may dilute a bit, but the word will
spread to a wider audience through local/regional events.  I still
want the annual event to happen each year, to rotate around different
regions, and I am ok if that event only draws a few hundred local

I miss you all dearly, and I would jump at the chance to help lead
FOSS4G, helping all regional and the annual events grow.

Your passionate friend,


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