[OSGeo-Discuss] Is Your Project In OSGeo Labs?

Landon Blake sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 09:21:28 PST 2012


It sounds like Geoinformatica is a raster algebra and raster
visualization library writtin in Perl with support for GTK. Is that a
fair description?

If you are interested, I can work the next couple of weeks to get
Geoinformatica set up in Labs. Let me know, and we can move our
conversation over to the incubation mailing list so we don't bore
people on the discuss mailing list.

Thanks for responding to my inquiry!


On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 11:28 PM, Ari Jolma <ari.jolma at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/29/2012 02:31 AM, Landon Blake wrote:
>> I'm in the process of trying to take over as the steward for OSGeo
>> Labs as part of my duties with the OSGeo Incubation Committee. As part
>> of this process I'd like to get a handle on the projects that are "in"
>> labs. There is a short list of "stable" and "young and experimental"
>> projects on the current Labs wiki page. Since I'm editing that page
>> today, here is the list:
>> Stable Projects:
>> - GeoWebCache
>> - pgRouting
>> Young and Experimental Projects
>> - GeoExt
>> - GeoFunctions
>> - Geoinformatica
> Geoinformatica is my project, it's not young, but it's experimental. It's
> made of a part in C, libral, and several Perl packages, which build on GDAL
> and GTK+ Perl bindings (I also maintain the GDAL Perl bindings). The oldest
> parts are in libral, which date at least 10 years back. libral was a simple
> raster algebra package, but I've added to it a simple visualization library
> to render GDAL rasters and vectors to a memory canvas (pixbuf), which can be
> given to GDK (a GTK+ subsystem). I've made an effort to separate this
> library into a library of its own (gvl - also a part of Geoinformatica), but
> it's not in use.
> Geoinformatica has a very small community, I guess one reason is because the
> Perl geospatial community is small(?) and distributed. Also, maybe it's the
> experimental or personal thing, but maintaining stable APIs or a reasonable
> development path in several interdependent libraries has been quite
> difficult for me. However, I regularly use Geoinformatica myself. I use the
> GUI a bit less because QGIS has become very good and because there is not
> yet useful WMS and WFS GUIs to use the GDAL WMS and WFS drivers in it.
> Lately I've written WxS servers (WMS and WFS are functional already) with it
> - Perl has traditionally very good web/CGI support so that's interesting.
> I think OSGeo Labs could be a good forum and platform for collaboration with
> academia, especially the OSGeo Academic Network and the emerging network of
> research labs collaborating with OSGeo and FOSS4G in general. One issue I
> have observed is that the developer community in academic FOSS4G (and other
> geospatial) users/members is still a small minority. Yes, I'm in academia
> too.
> This may be the best portal for Geoinformatica things in the web
> http://geoinformatics.aalto.fi/en/software/
> Cheers and thanks Landon for taking this up,
> Ari
>> - OpenGeocoder
>> - OpenRouter
>> - Grids
>> - OSGeo Graphics
>> - pycsw
>> - OWSLib
>> - SemanticGeo
>> - ZOO-Project
>> Can you please let me know if you are involved with one of these
>> projects? I'm trying to determine which projects are "in" labs, and
>> then establish a point of contact with each project so I can help them
>> get ready for official incubation.
>> Thanks.
>> Landon
>> P.S. - If you have thoughts on the purpose and work of OSGeo Labs,
>> please let me know. I have my own vision, but I'd like to get feedback
>> from other OSGeo members.
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