[OSGeo-Discuss] First Time Support for my Project

Arun Muthuraman arunmuthuraman at live.com
Mon Apr 22 08:13:32 PDT 2013

Hi Friends,                I am doing my Master Degree in Geomatics, i am new to OSGEO community and i would like to do my Final Project by using OSGEO Projects.what my project should do is.
Have 3D Buildingsshould perform 3D analysisshould be able to perform a RUN OFF ModelingNetwork AnalysisDisaster Simulation and it should be WEB Based
please suggest me what should i do to develop this software/Project, what are the existing OSGEO projects that can help my project, i have one year of time to complete this projects...What Software Skills should i want to learn
Please Help Me
RegardsM. Arun 		 	   		  
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