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Carlos Rivas carlosrsuazo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 16:19:21 PDT 2013

Dear Adrian,
Adrian, creo que hablas español.... me interesa el punto :

"  * presentations on the amazing work going on in Italy at a
    University in Milan and at the World Food Organization."

Yo trabajo para WFP y estoy a punto de iniciar un proceso de creación de
capacidad a nivel de mapeo con QGis.
Hoy estuve en el FILSOL (Festival de Instalación de Software Libre en
Managua) y hablé con el líder del Grupo OSM sobre OSGEO y la posibilidad de
aumentar el grupo hacia un capitulo Centroamericano, iniciando en
Nicaragua, yo conozco a muchos "sigologos" de la región. Espero uds puedan
darme algunos tips para construir este camino.

Saludos desde Nicaragua!

Dear Adrian, I am very interested in the information about:
"  * presentations on the amazing work going on in Italy at a
    University in Milan and at the World Food Organization."
I work for WFP Nicaragua, and I will propose a process of building
geoinformation for us using Qgis. I just came from FILSOL (an event
on Installation of Open Source) and want to begin a centralamerican chapter.

Regards from Nicaragua.

*Carlos Rivas Suazo*

On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 4:48 PM, Adrian Custer <acuster at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Cameron, all,
> FOSS4G BA 2013 rocked! So much, we are all, totally, beat.
> The organizers did an amazing job, pulling off the conference without any
> noticeable hitch. Their friendliness and passion permeated the whole event.
> It was a stellar performance from what appears to be a great group of
> friends.
> Attendees came from all over South America, with a few from Europe and
> North America. We were a great mix of technical developers and users, of
> folk working with government agencies, in universities, at companies and
> some simply interested folk. (There was even at least one spy, a developer
> who had never thought about geospatial before but who had been sent by a
> friend to check things out.) We discovered the amazing overlap of issues
> and solutions being developed across the continent. The workshop rooms were
> totally full, standing room only! Some of the great talks (for me) were:
>   * a talk on a social mapping project helping non-technical communities
>     map their land use in order to pressure recognition from local and
>     national governments,
>   * the presentation of GvSig 2.0, a release which apparently has cost
>     a lot of work but is a real new beginning for that project,
>   * a talk on HOT (the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)---the best of
>     our crowd-sourced activism,
>   * a 30 minute, stopwatch in hand, walk through of building a spatial
>     analysis application with processing.js and any WMS,
>   * presentations on the amazing work going on in Italy at a
>     University in Milan and at the World Food Organization.
> Best of all, it was fantastic to hear geospatial discussed in all sorts of
> different flavours of Spanish!
> IGN, the argentine national mapping agency, was a great venue. Access was
> really easy, right on a main avenue, next to the subway with tons of buses
> in front. The agency opened up their amphitheater and meeting rooms to us,
> gave us a decent amount of bandwidth (which we proceeded to squash, of
> course), and seemed thrilled to see a new kind of geospatial, youthful and
> full of energy. They also have this great little museum at the entrance
> with the entire history of the instruments they have used over the years
> mapping the country.
> And Buenos Aires ... well, the city never stops so when you find yourself
> walking home, yet again, at four in the morning, there are all sorts of
> people around, waiting for the bus, grabbing a bite to eat, wandering into
> and out of clubs, and walking along the side walks.
> The only real question of FOSS4G BA is when the next one comes.
> However, the conference has only just ended today, really, so don't expect
> updates right away. Officially, FOSS4G BA was Wed (workshops), Thur, Friday
> (talks) but today (Sat) they continued with a State of the Map, Ar. That
> ended up being a fun workshop with Maté (a local tea) being passed around
> and everyone having such a good time we kind of had to force ourselves to
> go to lunch.
> Eventually, the organizers plan to upload talks and videos and pictures
> and all sorts of goodies but we need to give them a little while yet---as
> far as I can tell they have not had a decent night sleep or regular meals
> in quite a while.
> cheers,
>   ~adrian
> On 4/27/13 6:07 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> I understand that FOSS4G Buenos Aires completed last week?
>> I'd encourage organisors, presenters and attendees to share their
>> thoughts on how this (first?) South American FOSS4G event went.
>> I'd also be interested to see metrics on where people travelled from in
>> order to attend, and compare to prior foss4g events.
>> https://docs.google.com/**spreadsheet/ccc?key=**0Al9zh8DjmU_**
>> RdEZoOUtSeVZRVWtKQzV6R2N5ekdSd**lE#gid=57<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al9zh8DjmU_RdEZoOUtSeVZRVWtKQzV6R2N5ekdSdlE#gid=57>
>> On 15/11/12 03:48, Mauricio Miranda wrote:
>>> Hello everybody,
>>> I'm writing on behalf of the FOSS4G conference committee to be held in
>>> Buenos Aires next year.
>>> The event is being organized by the group "Geoinquietos Buenos Aires"
>>> which is a kind of argentinian OSGeo microchapter.
>>> Even though this conference is focused on the Spanish-speaking
>>> community in Latin America, we would like to invite you all to join us.
>>> This will be a great opportunity to share experience, projects and
>>> ideas, and of course, it will also help to consolidate the FOSS4G
>>> community on these ends.
>>> You can get more info about the event at: http://foss4g-ba.org
>>> Please, help us to promote the conference between your folks.
>>> We look forward to seeing you here!
>>> Thanks,
>>> Mauri
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