[OSGeo-Discuss] Need help on indoor positioning using local coordinate system.

Harshal Vora harshal at amideeptech.com
Mon Aug 19 00:01:43 PDT 2013


I am new to GeoTools. Is there any book or documentation available apart 
from the Java Docs.

We are working on a product where we would like to store floor plans of 
buildings. We want to use our own coordinate system (in feet or meters). 
Also we want to store a hierarchy of physical locations i.e. building 
contains floors, floors contains rooms etc. We want to provide local 
coordinate systems to each level in the hierarchy and also provide 
capability to convert from one coordinate system to another as we move 
up and down the hierarchy.

We have not been able to find a suitable solution using PostGis to 
represent hierarchy for Cartesian coordinate systems and hence we feel 
that instead of making modifications on top of PostGis, we would like to 
use GeoTools and do some of the calculations on the application side.

Does GeoTool provide majority of the functions provided by PostGis i.e. 
contains, within, neighbor, distance, bounding box, intersection etc.?

Is there any other alternative?


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