[OSGeo-Discuss] Nominate Eli Adam for Carter Member

TJ Maciak maciaktj at gvsu.edu
Tue Jul 9 13:36:01 PDT 2013

+1 (I third the nomination of Eli Adam)

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>Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] Nominate Eli Adam for Carter Member
>I would like to nominate Eli Adam as Charter Member (can I do that, the
>rules don't say I can't!)
>Eli is active on the OSGeo Journal, and several other committees at
>OSGeo. He was also instrumental in establishing the Portland, Oregon open
>source GIS group as an official chapter of OSGeo. He has worked on a
>statewide campaign to get government standardized on GeoMoose for parcel
>data (he may have contributed code, too). As a government employee, he
>brings a very useful perspective.
>I'm sure Eli does a whole lot of other great stuff, he has so much energy
>and is so helpful!
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