[OSGeo-Discuss] Release of GeoNetwork 2.10.0 Stable version

Jeroen Ticheler jeroen.ticheler at geocat.net
Fri Jun 14 13:37:01 PDT 2013

Dear all,

We're proud to announce the release of GeoNetwork opensource v2.10.0.
This is a major release for the project that provides great new
functionality, helping all those that need to publish their geographic
data and services with standardized metadata.

You can find the software at

This release includes the following new or improved functionality:

GeoNetwork opensource ( http://geonetwork-opensource.org ) is a
standards based geospatial catalog application that helps people and
organizations to organize and publish their geospatial data through
the web. It is currently used in numerous Spatial Data Infrastructure
initiatives across the world.

The GeoNetwork community has been expanding quickly over the last
years. The current release has been possible because of all those that
contributed to the project through code contributions, testing, bug
reports and fixes as well as many suggestions.

GeoNetwork opensource is part of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation
(OSGeo, http://www.osgeo.org) software stack, providing software you
can trust to be free, open and sustainable. Voluntary support is
provided through mailing lists, websites and online forums.
Several companies also provide commercial support to help
organizations to implement, integrate and maintain the software. You
can find them in the Service Provider directory on the OSGeo website.

Thanks and congratulations to the all community members and developers that have been putting a huge amount of effort and energy in this release!

Fran├žois Prunayre
PSC member


Jeroen Ticheler
PSC chair and founder

GeoCat Bridge for ArcGIS allows instant publishing of data and metadata on GeoServer, MapServer, PostGIS and GeoNetwork. Visit http://geocat.net for details. 
Jeroen Ticheler
GeoCat bv
Veenderweg 13
6721 WD Bennekom
Tel: +31 (0)6 81286572
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