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Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Thu Mar 7 03:07:41 PST 2013

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Il 07/03/2013 12:03, Barry Rowlingson ha scritto:

> Given the recent strategic message, I don't think its in the local 
> FOSS4G committee's role to provide bursaries beyond the 
> well-established student discount - certainly not for 2013
> Nottingham anyway. If OSGEO want to do that, then they can consider
> it as a skim off the conference profits. I'm sure the local
> committee will be glad to point people to OSGEO bursaries from the
> conference web page.
> We just need to hear from OSGEO purse-holders to see if they are
> willing.
> I think we already have someone providing education-related 
> bursaries, so there's a precedent.

Hi Barry,
I think we are mixing two issues here:
* 0 fees for developers - as I pointed out, this is not a cost for the
conference, but rather an advantage (participants are more likely to
come if the know most top developers are present); my suggestion is
that this should become a requirement from OSGeo
* bursaries to cover travelling and lodging; this is outside my
original proposal, and should be treated differently.
All the best.
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