[OSGeo-Discuss] Picking a name for "OSGeo Research and Education Labs Network"

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 13:27:18 PDT 2013

Suchith's OSGeo Research and Education Labs Network is becoming more and 
more successful, with new educational institutions being added every 
week or two. (Are we up to 20 to 25 Universities now?)

I see the list of emails has 46 people on it. So there is discussion about:
1. Setting up an email list for all these people
2. Setting up a landing web page, something like http://labs.osgeo.org
3. Setting up a wiki page
4. Collecting names of participants, similar to 

But before doing all the above, we need to pick an abbreviated name for 
the "OSGeo Research and Education Labs Network"

Ideas floated so far:
* labs.osgeo.org (Probably the best name, but this name is current being 
used by projects which haven't started incubation yet).
* Osgeo Specialist Labs
* OSGeo REL - research and education labs
* OSGeoEduLabs

I'm personally in favour of the OSGeo Research Labs claiming the "OSGeo 
Labs" name as I believe that OSGeo Research Labs have already been using 
the term "OSGeo Labs" for quite some time in correspondence, the 
"Research Labs" are likely to become much more prominent than the 
current "OSGeo Labs", and I know the person who originally coined the 
"OSGeo Labs" term won't be offended (as it was me who originally coined 
the "OSGeo Labs" term).

I'd suggest moving the existing "OSGeo Labs" to "OSGeo Pre-incubation" 
(or a similar term).

I suggest that we wait for up to one week, before settling on a domain 
name, in order to give everyone a chance to add their comments.

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