[OSGeo-Discuss] FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2013

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed May 1 06:22:05 PDT 2013

I just read some final thoughts from the chair Mauricio, which he wrote
to the BuenosAires OSGeo list a few days ago.  (original Spanish email
here: http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/buenosaires/2013-April/001006.html)

Through Google Translate, I want to paste his words below (I haven't
asked him permission, but I want to anyway).

Even if Google Translate is wrong in some translations, these words are
essentially what drives me, what drives us, and what FOSS4G is all
about.  He has said it so well, thanks Mauri, from my heart. -jeff

Today, after several days sleeping poorly and little, I woke up with a
stunning smile on her face. Beyond that is a good thing and it should
reach, I wanted to find an explanation.

Definitely the first thing I feel is pride. Pride in what we did, by
team, by people who joined, by exhibitors who dared to take to the stage
to share their experiences and all the support you receive from what is
now our community Free geomatics.

Both the opening and closing felt a huge thrill to see that what we
dream had finally come true. The people in the hallways sharing ideas
and experiences, discussions with different views but with encouragement
of growth and helping many people who are just beginning to understand
what this is all about the FOSS4G. Everything was happening all
materialized as they imagine it. I can not explain what was going
through my head, but I insist that "pride", and obvious happiness, I
sound like the right word.

This we are doing, together, is the best way to contribute to live in a
better place. We have two choices: sit and complain about the mistakes
our leaders, or help. Here there are people with personal goals that are
above the common objectives. That does not happen, because in the world
of free software, power is handled with meritocracy. The one that does,
is worth more than the speaker.

Given this situation, we are all in a position to collaborate and help
decision makers choose the right tools and policies that allow us to
continue working together, collaborating and exchanging our experiences

Add a new street in OpenStreetMap, report an error on a project, give a
workshop of a free tool for 3 people in a forgotten people. All are ways
to help and no demands too much time or effort. Just need to have an
open mind and want to take a proactive stance on the future of where we

I want to again thank all the members of the organizing committee,
exhibitors who came (some from far away), to the institutions that
supported us at IGN who put his house to serve the community and all
those who, knowing or not trusted us and joined the event.

I am happy and proud, because we have free geomatics community, without
titles or banners, with common goals and with enough force to break the
walls of selfishness.

Let's keep fighting, this is just beginning.

Hugs goal for everyone, they are earned.


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