[OSGeo-Discuss] Would you be concerned if the "GeoServices REST API" became an OGC standard?

Adrian Custer acuster at gmail.com
Mon May 6 14:34:55 PDT 2013

Hey Ann, all,

On 5/6/13 5:48 PM, Anne Ghisla wrote:
> Stephan, Adrian: is there an effective way for OSGeo to address a
> statement to OGC, beside the official requests for comments and our
> Discuss list?
> Thanks for your thoughts,
> Anne

Any official statement issued by the OSGeo Board or community on this 
particular vote should probably be addressed to the

     'Voting Members of the OGC Technical Committee'

since they are the ones who are taking a position during this vote and 
deciding whether to accept it or not as an official OGC standard.

The statement could be sent via Carl Reed, who is the head of the OGC 
Technical Committee. He lurks on this list as part of the collaboration 
agreement between the two communities and can be reached directly at:

   creed U+0040 opengeospatial.org



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