[OSGeo-Discuss] INSPIRE Conference 2013 - UPDATES on the workshop

Margherita Di Leo dileomargherita at gmail.com
Mon May 20 06:47:38 PDT 2013

Dear All,

as correspondent author for the workshop proposal [1], I received an email
from the INSPIRE Conference Organisers. Unfortunately, due to time and
space limitations, it is possible for them to only choose a small number of
the submitted workshops to appear in the programme. Therefore their request
was to combine, if possible, our workshop with the one submitted by Simone
Giannecchini and Tobia Di Pisa:

"Hands-on Introduction to create mash-ups for INSPIRE Services with

Simone was in cc in this email.
I just had a Skype talk with Simone, and we individuated a couple of
possible scenarios:

1) Withdraw one of the two workshops; or
2) Split the 90 minutes at our disposal in two.

Of course this decision is up to all the co-authors. In case we decide for
the second solution, Simone kindly offered to shrink his time to 30
minutes, in order to allow the round table to take place in 60 minutes

Another request from the committee was to delineate a new title for the
workshop, and the proposal would be something like:

"Ping-Pong match: OSGeo & INSPIRE (with a practical intro to using MapStore
for INSPIRE Services mashups)"

Of course also this is open to discussion.

Please let me know ASAP your reaction.

Thank you and best regards,


[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/INSPIRE_conference_2013#Workshop_proposal

Best regards,

Margherita DI LEO
Postdoctoral Researcher

European Commission - DG JRC
Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES)
Via Fermi, 2749
I-21027 Ispra (VA) - Italy - TP 261

Tel. +39 0332 78 3600
margherita.di-leo at jrc.ec.europa.eu

Disclaimer: The views expressed are purely those of the writer and may not
in any circumstance be regarded as stating an official position of the
European Commission.
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