[OSGeo-Discuss] INSPIRE Conference 2013 - UPDATES on the workshop

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Mon May 20 13:14:29 PDT 2013

Hi Madi,

I still did not obtain any confirmation mail about proposed presentation
- do you know by chance, how far the process is?

As for the workshop, it seems odd to combine MapStore as concrete
product with whole OSGeo stack and more dialogue-based workshop.

I see them as two different topics for completely different auditorium.
I would understand, that MapStore people would feel upset, if they would
have to share their time with "pure" OSGeo.

From my point of view, all decisions are bad (except having two full
workshops accepted). I think, that the best option would than be to
share the time with MapStore and gladly accept their offer kind 30:60
(rather 60:30 - OSGeo in general, MapStore as concrete example of local
company using and developing OSGeo projects), if possible.

NOTE: This is nothing against MapStore. I wish them all the best and I
think, they deserve full workshop time slot as well. INSPIRE conference
committee forses us to compete as international organization with
semi-local company (GeoSolution). This is simply not all right (or do I
see it completely wrong?)

I also think, this shows us, that OSGeo is not taken seriously as
important partner to conference committee of INSPIRE conference and that
brings me back to our SDI committee proposed earlier - I have to push it
little bit further (I do not like pushing to hard, though).



Dne 20.5.2013 15:47, Margherita Di Leo napsal(a):
> Dear All,
> as correspondent author for the workshop proposal [1], I received an email
> from the INSPIRE Conference Organisers. Unfortunately, due to time and
> space limitations, it is possible for them to only choose a small number of
> the submitted workshops to appear in the programme. Therefore their request
> was to combine, if possible, our workshop with the one submitted by Simone
> Giannecchini and Tobia Di Pisa:
> "Hands-on Introduction to create mash-ups for INSPIRE Services with
> MapStore"
> Simone was in cc in this email.
> I just had a Skype talk with Simone, and we individuated a couple of
> possible scenarios:
> 1) Withdraw one of the two workshops; or
> 2) Split the 90 minutes at our disposal in two.
> Of course this decision is up to all the co-authors. In case we decide for
> the second solution, Simone kindly offered to shrink his time to 30
> minutes, in order to allow the round table to take place in 60 minutes
> comfortably.
> Another request from the committee was to delineate a new title for the
> workshop, and the proposal would be something like:
> "Ping-Pong match: OSGeo & INSPIRE (with a practical intro to using MapStore
> for INSPIRE Services mashups)"
> Of course also this is open to discussion.
> Please let me know ASAP your reaction.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Margherita
> [1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/INSPIRE_conference_2013#Workshop_proposal
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