[OSGeo-Discuss] Defining a GIO position (or attmepting to . . .)

Basques, Bob (CI-StPaul) bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Wed Oct 16 08:31:39 PDT 2013

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the thoughts.  See my sudo responses inline . . . I'm using this thread as a practice round of discussion . . .

>  >
>  > "Open Source software enforces standards"
>  >
>  In my experience (maybe because I don't discuss this with people
>  who know much about the subject so they have very basic opinions),
>  they usually come with:
>   * Standars aren't the better format to work with

The above seems like the hardest to respond to.

>   * Propietary standards can be more efficient because they are
>  optimized for the propietary software

My response would be as long as the proprietary package can export in a standard form/format.

>   * We already have the information on the propietary format and
>  don't want to migrate

Same as above.  Again not trying to preclude proprietary, but more to make things interoperable and standard.

>  And, of course:
>   * Our propietary solution also works with standards (this is very
>  tricky to fight against)

So prove it, connect to these standard datasets (NOW!)  :c)

Again, thanks for your thoughts here.


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