[OSGeo-Discuss] 52°North WPS 3.3.1 available

Ann Hitchcock a.hitchcock at 52north.org
Tue Dec 9 02:14:14 PST 2014

*** Sorry for any cross-posting***

The new 52°North WPS release features additional configuration 
parameters, which enable more fine tuning. In addition, the client API 
and GRASS 7 backend now run more smoothly.

The WPS Version 3.3.1 features:

  * Bug fixes regarding the client API and GRASS 7 backend
  * Additional configuration parameters
      o Protocol (http/https)
      o Number of threads used for the execute operation
  * The return of HTTP status codes:
      o 200 - OK for successful requests
      o 501 - Not implemented, e.g. if a wrong operation was requested
      o 500 - Internal server error, if there was an error during
        process execution
      o 400 - Bad request, e.g. if a wrong identifier was requested

Download WPS 3.3.1 (without GeoTools support) [1]
Download WPS 3.3.1 GeoTools Package [2]
Source set up [3]

Tutorials [4] and WPS test instances [5] are also available.


[3] http://52north.org/communities/geoprocessing/wps/source_setup.html
[4] https://wiki.52north.org/bin/view/Geoprocessing/GeoprocessingTutorials
[5] http://geoprocessing.demo.52north.org/

Ann Hitchcock
52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
Martin-Luther-King-Weg 24
48155 Muenster, Germany
tel. +49 (0)251 396371 -21
fax: +49 (0)251 396371 -11

General Managers:
Dr. Albert Remke, Dr. Andreas Wytzisk
Local Court Muenster HRB 10849

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