[OSGeo-Discuss] GEOSTAT course 15-22 June 2014, Bergen, Norway: registrations are now open!

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 01:52:40 PST 2014

Hello all, and sorry for cross-posting,

let me forward the first announcement of the GEOSTAT 2014 Summer school.


The GEOSTAT 2014 Summer School for PhD students and R-sig-geo 
enthusiasts will be held this year at the Norwegian School of Economics 
(NHH), Bergen, Norway in the period 15-22 June 2014 (arrive Sunday to 
depart Sunday). The topics include: spatial and spatio-temporal data
and analysis in R, R as a GIS, spatial data modelling with raster
package, visualization of spatial and spatio-temporal data in Google
Earth, GRASS GIS and QGIS tutorials, and spatio-temporal geostatistics.

This summer school is limited to 50 participants (two parallel 
sessions). Selection of candidates is based on a ranking system, which 
is based on: time of registration, solidarity (participants further
away from the venue receive higher ranking), academic record, and 
contributions to open source projects. The registration costs for the 
summer school are typically between EUR 300 - 400; these cover the 
actual costs, no profits are made. The organizers provide no 
funding/scholarships to participants. Participants from ODA-listed 
countries, however, can apply for a subsidized price for registration

To register for this summer school please visit the event homepage at:


The registration deadline is 1st March 2014.


* Roger Bivand: Representing and handling spatial and spatio-temporal 
data in R

* Robert Hijmans: Spatial modeling with environmental data (raster and 
dismo packages)

* Edzer Pebesma: Spatial and spatio-temporal statistics with R: an 

* Barry Rowlingson: QGIS + R tutorial

* Tomislav Hengl: plotKML tutorial (visualization of spatial and 
spatio-temporal data from R to Google Earth)

* Markus Metz: GRASS GIS 7 tutorial / update

* Benedikt Gräler: Spatio-temporal geostatistics: choosing and fitting 
models, interpolation (gstat tutorial)

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