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Hi all,


I'm also sure all local chapters & charter members have a view, but after
the discussion (or discussions?) over the last days it's not quite clear
what's the topic anyway.

is is about:

- collabaration with any other organisation in general?

- collaboration with LocationTech specifically?

- outsourcing tasks (such as organizing large events, e.g .FOSS4G) 

- outsourcing on a local or on a global scale


I agree with Puneet and Massimiliano (and probably serveral others who
dropped out of this discussion anyway) to sort of moderate this discussion
to make sure we're all discussing the same topic. 

In several boards (not specifically osgeo-related, by the way) I have seen
to may discussions/polls/votes that seemed to have ended in an agreement,
but after which the question arose "OK, we've agreed,  but ... agreed on


Seems like a nice taks (for the board, iI guess) to decipher this
spaghetti-like discussion into small, manageble (and preferably appetising)

That will encourage Charter Members & local chapters to (re-)join this
valuable discussion.



kinds regards,







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Before we get to the stage of polling charter members and local chapters, it
would be helpful if more of the charter membership and local chapters
chipped in with their opinions. Many seem to have been very quiet, i am sure
they must have a view



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I agree with you, this is an "hot" decision that cannot be taken by a small
group of people without at least have heard about what the OSGeo community
think about.


In this tread I have learnt a lot on LocationTech and on motivation that
pushed some OSGeo members to embrace also LocationTech. I can really feel
the desire to help and foster geospatial open source software from those


BTW, I also believe that FOSS4G is the OSGeo event. 


For this reason I believe that if OSGeo want to change things and share it
with LocationTech (not just let them organize it in the name of), we need a
deep OSGeo internal discussion at all level: Local Chapters, Charter
members, Committees and finally the Board which has the responsibility to
vote on this.


So, my proposal is:

1) Have a formal proposal from LocationTech which explain terms of
collaboration, commitments and guarantees

2) Publish publicly this proposal for a period (let's say 2 week) for people
to look into this proposal

3) Call for a vote from charter members

4) Call for a letter of position letter from each committee and local

5) Publish publicly the results 

6) Discuss it on the next board meeting and finally have a vote and a letter
of motivation from the Board



BTW, the FOSS4G-EUROPE website ( <http://foss4g-e.org/>
http://foss4g-e.org/) states clearly at the home page: "OSGeo's European
Conference on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial".



I hope this doesn't hurt anyone, and brings positive point of discussion.


It is just my personal thought as a new board member, and sorry if I've lost
some best practice currently in place.






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