[OSGeo-Discuss] How to join geo4all initiative and ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS research and education labs network

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at ncsu.edu
Wed Sep 17 20:52:25 PDT 2014

Thanks to all who have expressed interest in joining the geo4all initiative and ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS reserach and education labs network.
As promised at FOSS4G 2014 here is more info posted to this list, to make sure it can reach all members.

You can find information about the initiative on its website
and a wiki with all the current labs

Here is how to join:

- check whether you qualify on "How to join webpage"
note, that you can build the website within a year after you join,
but you should have some expertise in open source geospatial science
and/or technology already.

- send an email with a description of your open source geospatial
activities to the contact assigned to your region

If everything looks OK you will recieve an official invitation describing the next steps,


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