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On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 2:08 PM, Milo van der Linden <milo at dogodigi.net>

> Hi Sanghee,
> Thank you for taking this matter to the discuss mailinglist. My first
> reaction when clicking the links from your post was, no problem, this is
> well accepted from my european perspective and I do not directly see any
> offense in them nor see any offense in other cultures. However, after
> looking at them in context (in the slideshare presentation) this is my
> opinion.
> 1. I don't understand the slides with the Dali painting. What do you want
> to say with them? In my opinion they can be removed without downgrading the
> presentation.
> 2. In my opinion; the slide with the header "Culture" showing the row of
> female models will bring a better message with another picture. Currently I
> interpret this slide as: "Come to Korea for the beautiful women" and I
> believe that is not the message you want to send under the header "Culture".
> 3. There are a few slides with a lot of prominently displayed alcoholic
> drinks, in one slide, it even looks like a "drinking game". There are a lot
> of cultures that are offended by that too. Simply removing them, again,
> would not make your presentation worse, it would make it stronger.
> Final thought:
> I agree with the request for removal/replacement but I think you should
> also do something about the alcoholic drinks given this presentation holds
> a prominent position on the main page for the foss4g event. This would make
> your presentation stronger, because apart from this minor thing, it is an
> interesting slideshow that has me interested in going to Seoul!
>> looking at the presentation, I got exactly the same feeling as expressed
so well by Milo. Personally, I don't feel offended by this presentation as
a woman. However, due probably to my limitations, I don't get the messages
that you (Sanghee) meant to deliver, otherwise than the one expressed by
Milo. I support the idea that, due to the prominent placing of your
presentation, it is extremely important that the message conveyed is agreed
upon by the majority of the community, because somehow it does represent
not only your personal view, but the shared view of the community.
re to Jeroen: I don't think that the CoC itself caused the rising of this
issue, on the contrary, it formalized a statement of how the majority of
the community thinks it is right to behave... I think it is there to help,
not to create problems..

just my 2 cents

Best regards,

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